Love brings peace

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Love brings peace. It conquers all.

How powerful it is when people unite to bring change! Watching recent protests happening in the US as well as in many parts of the world, it is heartening to see that action taken by the masses can cause people to pause and think, think deeply… about the purpose of all this action, about history, about becoming educated on social issues and aware of things outside the sphere of our general lives. About generating positive change.

And that’s the thing — we tend to get caught up in living our lives, looking in an insular, narrow way at only what impacts ourselves and our families. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Although, now and then it’s healthy to resurface, take a look at what’s going on around us, and think about how we might engage in a good cause.

Thank goodness for social media, we can at least voice our feelings and stand up for what is right and fair. For decades, even centuries, many have stood by and watched quietly from a distance, not wanting to enter the fray in any way. Understandably, people don’t want to cause confrontation, deal with haters, say the wrong thing, or wear their heart on their sleeve, so to speak. However, on issues such as social injustice, inequality, discrimination, imbalanced treatment of different backgrounds, genders, orientations, etc., it is vitally important to weigh in — especially if it’s on the side of what is right for humanity. Let’s establish a wonderful world for our children!

I’ve been doing some soul-searching over the past weeks. Many things have come to mind as I recall profound words spoken by the world’s greatest leaders: Mandela, Gandhi, Pope Francis, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa. Over and over, I hear a singular theme.

As human beings, our essence is love.

This means that inherently, our souls are good.

This led me to reiterate what I often say in my blogs — we all have a purpose on earth as we pass through. Ideally, each of us wants to leave a legacy behind. Not necessarily ground-breaking things, but things that make a profound, positive impact on people. This brings me to another thing I talk about — having an identity. Which involves discovering what you’re all about and using it for the good of others. With love.

Now, some may say, “I’m a mom (or a dad), all I do is good things for others (aka family)”. That’s not what I’m talking about (although I often say that myself!). What I mean is, finding the truth about who you are, defining it, and then making something of it. Whether that is locating a vocation, a career, a role in life, whatever. But doing it well and in a way that others might learn from you and be inspired to do good in turn. We can spread love!

What’s your identity? How will you ensure you leave a positive legacy that marks your spot on earth? Are you living up to your essence of love?

Love brings peace. Let’s think love, live love and show love!

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