Career growth

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Planning one’s professional life requires forethought, and if you’re serious about it, it continues throughout your professional, and even post-work, life.

Personal growth

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Personal growth starts with introspection, followed by a deep desire to become a better person. It takes motivation and willingness to change.


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Being a life-long learner, being open to recognizing and seizing opportunities large and small, could propel you along your journey of growth, both career and personal.


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If you want to stand out and follow your heart, then be a trailblazer. Believe in yourself and never let others talk you out of things you believe in.

Transforming time-worn traditions

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Traditions maintain continuity between generations past, present, and future. But they can usually be adapted to suit the moment.

Year-end thoughts for leaders and go-getters

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As 2023 ends, I am focusing on reflection, mindfulness, planning, generosity, and relaxation, with the realization that so many of my accomplishments were team efforts.

Multi-tasking and mindfulness -- Can they co-exist?

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How useful is multi-tasking, and at what point does multi-tasking get in the way of mindfulness?

Hope for peace

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Like many, I am saddened and troubled by the state of the world. I felt the need to share my thoughts, and offer a bit of wisdom, to help bring a sense of balance.

A pat on the back

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How many of us ever take the time to think about our accomplishments and celebrate? Time is fleeting, and if we don't congratulate ourselves, sometimes no one else will.

Tuning in

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Hammering away at a problem doesn’t always lead to the quickest or best solution. There is an art in knowing when to change things up and when to leave things alone.

Imagine the Possibilities!

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I used to wake up and wonder what surprise would be in store for me that day. I haven't done that lately and I'm eager to resume that practice.

A closed open door

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An open-door policy is not always as open as it seems. Sometimes an army of workers is blocking access to that door. What to do in situations like these?

Being a “super” woman

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For a go-getter, 24 hours in a day are probably too little. But if you use the time wisely and say “no” when possible, you'll be able to do the things you love.

What’s in the news?

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The news these days tends to be filled with a lot of gloomy and seemingly hopeless events. What can we do to stay informed without letting the news drag us down?

The power of fear

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People might choose to stay in one job for many reasons: fear, complacency, uncertainty. But breaking past that thinking could lead to a more fulfilling and rewarding life.

De-cluttering or attachment

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Decluttering is something everyone wants to do with the best of intentions. But when caught in the grip of nostalgia, those intentions wither into inaction.

Being EI about EI

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Having technical skills is not enough. Emotional intelligence is equally valuable and right up there in importance with humility and authenticity.

Heal the world with love

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Everyone needs money to survive. No one wants to just make ends meet. But do we really need so much that we let life go by without truly experiencing it?

The little things

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The thoughtful gestures and favours we do for our friends, neighbours, and strangers might seem like little things, but they can add up to a whole lot of goodwill and friendship.

What colour are your glasses?

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While life does have its challenges, reality is what we make it, and people who see the world with a positive hue tend to live happier lives.

Imagine your future self

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To attain your fullest potential, don’t tie yourself down to who you are at the moment, but rather explore the realms of possibility and reinvent, rebrand, and rethink.

Outside your comfort zone

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Fun solutions to common experiences can lift the mood of a group and those around them. Case in point, playing a board game while waiting for food to arrive at a restaurant.

Honk your horn

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Knowing when to honk your horn and when to play it cool is a useful skill, not only on the road but in other important situations, like job interviews.

Criticism or advice?

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Some people welcome constructive feedback, while others hate hearing anything that sounds critical. The way you respond says a lot about your values and attitude.

Magic all around us

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While not a forte, gardening this season has yielded some useful life lessons, chief of which is to “bloom where you are planted”.

Changing of the guard

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Different generations of workers bring different values. Gen Z employees are distinct from Millenials, valuing authenticity, social progress, and work-life balance.

My love for the written word

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A few key childhood figures instilled in me a lifelong love of reading all manner of books, transforming me into a full-fledged bookworm.

Discovering a passion

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What are some ways to discover our passion and follow the dreams we had as a child, long before life took us on a detour and put those dreams on the shelf?

Leadership’s lost challenge, part 2

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Humility, a key virtue of true leaders, is unfortunately lacking in many of today’s leaders, who are in constant search of power, glory, and status.

Finding reasons to celebrate!

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In these trying times, it’s so important to find things to celebrate, to pat ourselves on the back, to congratulate others, to reach out and smile.

Small steps can bring big results!

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Aiming for a goal in life? Breaking the goal down into small, manageable chunks will often yield greater results than hurdling yourself towards the goal posts.

Wrapping up 2021!

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It’s hard to say whether 2021 was better or worse than 2020. The important lesson is that we learn to take better care of those less fortunate than us.

Leadership’s lost challenge, part 1

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Young workers of today aren’t content with leaders who don’t practice what they preach. They are increasingly demanding leaders who are humble and empathetic.

Resume-happy words

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The words we use to present ourselves to others can make a big impact. “Innovative” and “creative” are common choices, but new ones are creeping in.

A bumper harvest

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Is a bountiful crop within reach of someone who has never enjoyed gardening? This season’s harvest answered the question and came as a surprise.

Whose job is it?

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Ever made a gender-based faux pas? Seemingly innocent questions can reveal long-held assumptions about gender roles and the division of labour.

Orchestrating a pandemic event

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You might think that planning a wedding during a pandemic lockdown would be an easy affair. Au contraire. It requires even more ingenuity and determination.

The Driver’s Seat – Who’s Driving?

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Is there a backseat driver in your family? If you don’t know, then maybe it’s you. Each turning point in life is a chance to take charge or be guided by others.

What’s my mission today?

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Asking yourself each morning what your mission is for the day is a handy little strategy to focus your energy and bring clarity to your day. Give it a shot!

Sharing Fun - Safely!

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Who could have imagined we would be in the same situation as last year? Yet, our experience with the pandemic has wisened us on how to have fun together safely.

Hopelessly hopeful

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With all of the bleak news about the pandemic, it’s easy to feel negative. Yet, we must always hold on to hope, whether in mundane or momentous situations.

To be a woman

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Being the only non-white woman in a boardroom is not without its challenges. But each challenge is an opportunity, however small, to reinforce the status of women.

Fixing a watery leak

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A leaky kitchen pipe that could have led to minor warfare instead becomes a lesson in learning how to grow from the most common of domestic challenges.


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A “new year” non-resolution to learn how to knit leads to unrecognizable socks, frantic visits to an experienced friend’s house, and wise words from a bemused son.

Get unstuck in 2021!

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Feeling stuck in a rut is an emotional and physical drain, so let’s nip it in the bud. These six simple steps will help you feel unstuck in a matter of days.

The year that made history

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Who would have guessed that Christmas 2020 would be the most unforgettable ever, because of a pandemic that brought us together in a uniquely special way?

Heading into the holidays!

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In likely the worst year of most of our lives, the holidays are an occasion to reflect on what we’ve learned, who we love and why, and what’s important in life.

Young people: Do what you love, love what you do

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For job seekers, the pandemic offers a precious gift of time — time used to carefully reflect on what you want, where, when, and with whom you want it.

A time to reflect

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The coming winter months are an opportunity to plan for long-term goals, whether it’s to become a better gardener, a better citizen, or a better something else.

Visitors coming!

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An unexpected visit during the pandemic becomes a helpful reminder to assess whether we are prepared not just for tomorrow, but for 5, 10, and 15 years down the line.

“Best by” dates

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Do personal and professional goals have “best by” dates, the way milk and probiotics do? Is there a deadline by which good ideas and childhood dreams expire?

Going round in circles

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Do you feel stuck in a roundabout professionally, creatively, or personally? Are you keen to make that exit towards the open road. A new mindset might be needed.

Good ideas bring great solutions

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One idea changed the family dynamic from one person preparing all of the meals to every member taking turns and coming up with culinary works of art.


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People deal with problems differently. But for most, keeping a positive attitude, being pragmatic, and seeing the glass half full is the path to success.

Let creativity thrive!

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Amidst the pandemic, creativity is bursting around us, with people adapting in ingenious ways. Use that inspiration to take charge of your aspirations.

Love brings peace

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These recent protests for justice bring to the surface one of life’s most essential needs: finding your true purpose in life, and pursuing it with love.

We are visitors on this earth

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This world is not our home; we’re just passing through. Think of each person as a loved one and treat them so, rather than focusing on colour, disability, etc.

We are all equal

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Racism, one of the worst ills facing society, needs to be met by true leaders of society, people who are humble, compassionate, and inspirational.

The changing normal: Better times are a-coming!

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Pre-COVID (PC), during COVID (DC), and after COVID (AC) all look dramatically different. The looming question is, how ready are you to adapt?

Re-imagining with 20-20 vision

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With the arrival of spring, 2020 has ushered in a very different world. Are we ready to pivot to the changing normal? Are we ready to bloom?

Eyes forward — Watch for the rainbow!

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Rainbows have always symbolized hope, promising better days ahead. Let’s look for rainbows to motivate us to pursue our dreams and endure these tough times.

Remember the past, imagine the future

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The pandemic has shown us how resilient the human spirit is. No matter what tests people are faced with, they find the will and resourcefulness to adapt.

Points to ponder

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Once the COVID-19 pandemic is over, life will continue to be dramatically different in many ways, from our family and social life to our professional life.

Finding virtual solutions to present challenges

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The current pandemic has forced our family to find online alternatives to our traditions. Determination and creativity helped us to achieve our goals.

Life isn’t about just waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning how to dance in the rain

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When we returns to normal after COVID-19, let’s not forget the lessons of this pandemic: appreciating each other and our health, freedom and luxuries.

Being positive in a negative situation is not naïve, it’s leadership

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During this COVID-19 crisis, when everyone is social distancing and staying at home, what can we do to make the most of our time and be real go-getters.

Goals and plans

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Setting positive, specific, and realistic goals is an important step to becoming a go-getter. Forming a plan to achieve those goals is just as important.

How to become a go-getter

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Becoming a go-getter calls for enthusiasm, a positive attitude, self-awareness, confidence, humility, vision, and humour, all of which we’ll explore in this article.

A go-getter’s tale

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More than anything, being a go-getter takes a desire to achieve something. We’ll look at what it takes to be a go-getter and how a go-getter operates?

Ever wondered what is a go-getter?

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A go-getter is a person with a “can-do” attitude, who has a drive to succeed at whatever they set out to do, whether in their career or other area of life.