What’s Included?

What’s included in a coaching program?

  • A complimentary, up to 30 minute connection call to make sure we’re going to be well-suited to work together
  • An introductory 30 minute exploration and discovery session where we set clarity on your desires and goals
  • 30-minute one-on-one coaching sessions that are held on the phone or online (in some cases, in-person)
  • A coaching strategy developed for your unique situation
  • Tools to enable your progress in setting and achieving your goals
  • Action steps developed together, to support you in paving your future
  • Regular caring calls or email check-ins to support you in staying committed to your goals and your future
  • A trusted and supportive partnership with a qualified, certified coach who is here to help you set, flesh out and achieve your dreams
  • Committed and sincere encouragement, and accountability partnership from a certified coach who believes in you and your goals
  • A dependable, experienced transformational coach who will help you become a go-getter!

Coaching Options

A 3-month coaching relationship

Two 30-minute sessions per month

Best option if you:

  • are strongly motivated to achieve your goals in the short term
  • join the coaching relationship already knowing what your vision is and know a fair amount about your goals
  • are a person who will take charge of your own progress over a shorter period of time
  • are someone who is a high achiever who can take accountability to get your goals accomplished
  • prefer more frequent coaching and support
  • are well on your way to being a GoGetter

For further information and prices, please contact me.

A 6-month coaching relationship

Option 1: One 30-minute session per month
Option 2: Two 30-minute sessions per month

Best option if you:

  • are fully committed to seeing impactful, long-term shifts in your goals but need a longer time frame to make those shifts feel realistic and achievable
  • would benefit from a longer period of guidance as you move toward your goals
  • are self-motivated to move toward your goals once you’ve created action steps (one session/month may work well for you) or would like more frequent support and accountability (two sessions/month recommended)

For further information and prices, please contact me.


What My Clients Are Saying

I have thoroughly enjoyed being coached by Bernadette. Her calm, assured, kind and attentive demeanour has helped me feel instantly at ease, and I have benefitted so much from her ability to ask smart questions and help me get closer to my goals.

Wayne Gibson