A go-getter’s tale

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There was a young girl who grew up in a poor and under-developed country, within a sheltered family life. She dreamt about the big wide world and always strived for something bigger than her own limited life. She longed to learn, grow and explore beyond her boundaries, but the reality was that, due to all kinds of restrictions, constraints and laws, she could not pursue her dreams easily. She constantly repeated the words of her father: “Reach for the stars. Even if you never touch them, they will guide you on your path and allow you to reach within you. Keep going!”

Until one day, opportunity came knocking. The young girl was given an offer to take an assignment in the United States, while pursuing further studies. She wasn’t sure how her parents would react when she told them that she wanted to take the offer. Luckily, they supported her wishes, and off she set to plan her expedition into the big, wide world. Carrying or owning foreign money was prohibited in those days, but where there’s a will, there’s a way. Resourcefulness and determination stepped in, along with a big helping of risk. Soliciting the help of her mother, the young girl equipped herself with forty dollars sewn into the hem of her dress, bought an air ticket and set off to explore the possibilities awaiting her. Off to a land where she knew no-one and knew nothing of the culture, the hazards nor the amazing opportunities ahead of her. She knew that there would be pitfalls and obstacles along her path, but she was prepared to try and fail and do it over, until she reached her goals. All she knew was that she was going to make it, and that she was going to learn, and make her own dreams come true.

The rest, as they say, is history!

For more on the story of the young girl and what happened next, see my future blog posts.

What I’ve described here is a go-getter’s tale.

In my last post I described what a go-getter is. To take it a step further, I thought I should provide some insights into what makes someone a go-getter. Remember, we said that anyone who has a strong will or desire for something, is probably really motivated to achieve it. That’s the first step! Once that has been established, it’s a matter of going “heads down” and focusing on the task at hand, to get you to that goal.

Let’s explore this a bit as we reflect on ourselves and how we think and act when we want to achieve a much-desired goal, as compared to the attributes of a go-getter:

So, what does it take to be a go-getter?

It takes a desire to achieve something — this is the biggest driver!

It takes persistence, even in the absence of specialized talent.

It takes perseverance in the face of obstacles.

It takes the acceptance of failure as a part of the journey.

It takes the understanding that mistakes are a learning opportunity, as long as the same mistake is not made multiple times.

It takes the ability to find and use your own internal resources of thinking and mental toughness, while being flexible and willing to learn and to change direction as necessary.

Do you notice anything in common with these thoughts and the story of the young girl? She had all these attributes and didn’t let things stop her, instead finding solutions and ways to stick to her path and reach her goal.

I often hear comments like: “I wish I had the kind of drive it takes to achieve my goals”, or the converse of that — “I’m a go-getter — I always pursue my goals”. Both of these are very common scenarios. The reality is that, those who are driven, as well as those who wish to be, often face all sorts of roadblocks and hurdles. It’s overcoming those that is the fun part.

How does a go-getter operate?

They have a vision that guides them: The vision may or may not be clear — but there’s definitely a good sense of direction… the proverbial “carrot on the stick”.

They are focused: With discipline, they stick to the task at hand. With steely determination, go-getters are dedicated to their cause — they don’t give up easily.

They work hard: Come rain or shine, they chip at it every day. Even if in small doses, progress is made.

They have passion: They do what they enjoy, and enjoy what they do: Even the most mundane tasks become sweet challenges, knowing that the ultimate dream is achieving the dream.

They celebrate their own successes: They feel good about any incremental “win”, small or big, and they urge themselves on by recognizing their accomplishments.

They are humble but brave: Brave enough to take risks, not fearing the unknown, not fearing failure; because they know that even failures provide learning moments.

They trust themselves: They are able to push their boundaries, exploring new paths, making headway not only toward their goals, but building self-confidence and growing.

They surround themselves with … other go-getters: One of the best ways to stay motivated is to be in the company of others who are motivated and positive. Those vibes are powerful and inspirational.

They have mentors: Understanding that in life one needs a teacher, a coach, a mentor. Someone to support them who brings out their best inner resourcefulness, to help draw out their own solutions as they aspire toward their goals.

They look at life as “glass half full”: They are hopeful and excited about the journey ahead of them, they appreciate the lessons that mistakes teach, and they learn continuously.

Do you see yourself having or desiring any of these attributes?

Do you have a goal that you’re trying to accomplish but don’t know how or where to start? Are you interested in exploring the possibilities out there for you?

If so, reach out to me at bernadette@gogettercoaching.com and get ready to explore the possibilities that are out there waiting for you!

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