Ever wondered what is a go-getter?

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Here’s some food for thought:

Often, as I’ve glanced through job ads, I’ve noticed that hiring managers are on the hunt for “go-getters” who are motivated to succeed at what they do. Accompanying descriptions say things like: “eager to learn, who work hard and who accomplish things”. They go on to describe these go-getters as people who inspire others with their drive and personality.

Coincidentally, as I handed my business card one day to a young man who said he was aspiring to move forward in his career, he glanced at it, thought for a minute and then asked: “What is a go-getter — do I have what it takes?” Great question — I’m so glad he asked! I immediately set off to think about how to describe it in a way that resonates with people. I’ll explain it below, and I’ll do it in different ways, just to provide more clarity for those who are interested.

According to many definitions, a go-getter is a person who has drive and an ambition to succeed at whatever they set out to do. They are achievers who have a “can-do” attitude. Who want to make things work.

This can apply to any desire or situation in life, not just careers.

It applies if you’re a person who wants to: build a new garden, change professions, start or end a relationship, buy an expensive commodity, set up a new line of business, transition to management or leadership, cultivate a hobby, decide on the best transition from high school to university or university to the job market, get comfortable being single or married, become a parent on so on. This relates to all of those.

It also applies if you represent an organization that is starting up, or you’re building a strategic plan with your executive team, or transforming your business, or moving into a senior leadership position, or you’re a new senior executive, and so on. All these involve a desire to succeed.

Any goal in life involves some sort of transition. Any transition requires a deep will to succeed, to begin with. This will is the seed from which success grows. Any will to succeed is the basis of being a go-getter.

Go-getters have an optimistic view of the world and of the people and things around them, they judiciously set their goals, develop a plan, give it their all, and determinedly accomplish those goals.

Go-getters are comfortable being uncomfortable, and comfortable with uncertainty. For them, what is certain is that they will achieve their dream or goal.

Go-getters are okay with taking informed risks and carefully pursuing their goals, with focused determination.

Go-getters believe that if there is a goal, then there has to be a way to achieve it.

The word “go-getter” is perfect for these people: they go and get what they want from life.

I hope that serves as an explanation! The young man I mentioned above was one of my first clients — he still is. At the time, he had just finished university and was trying to decide on different career paths to pursue. After we had a few meaningful conversations, he chose the path that made the most sense to him, and is very happy with where he is in life. He now considers himself a go-getter! Today he tells people what a go-getter is …….

In my next post I’ll talk about what it takes to be a go-getter and how to become one — be sure to check it out!

Are you ready to explore your potential? Are you ready to be a go-getter? If so, reach out to me at bernadette@gogettercoaching.com and get ready to explore the possibilities that are out there waiting for you!

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