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Earlier this month, we went on a road trip, taking my 85-year old mother on travels that would tick some items off her bucket list.

Normally, as we drive, we like to listen to the radio, but has anyone noticed, just when you’ve found the ideal station, the crackling begins – and in seconds, it’s gone. This results in several minutes of manic tuning until another desirable station is found. Most irritatingly, while driving through parts of North America, there tend to be dozens of religion-focused or country music stations, neither of which appeals. To complicate matters, the reception is poor much of the time.

Motoring along on this trip, on came the song “On the Road Again”, most appropriately, since my husband had his trusty guitar stowed in the back, always ready to entertain folks when the need arose. We belted out the lyrics as we drove, when suddenly, it switched to a crackly country song. In seconds, it switched, ironically, to “Oh, Won’t You Stay, Just a Little Bit Longer”, accompanied by the usual static. I didn’t want to mess it up by turning the dial to make it clear, lest the song disappeared, or we lost signal completely. So I let it be, and this time, the song stayed!

It dawned on me that I should do this more often – let things be, rather than try to change them.

Sometimes, the best way to learn is through trial and error. On-the-job, so to speak. Experience is a great teacher, isn’t it? On our own, we figure out how to tune in, and adjust, until we find our spot on the dial of life or career. Sometimes the spot may get staticky and crackle, other times it may be crisp and clear. Sometimes the lines may be blurred. The art is in knowing when to switch and when to leave things alone, in a way that is comfortable or practical for us.

The lesson for me was: what I’m doing and how I’m doing it, is good enough. I don’t always have to change the dial and look for something better.

I should add that, my mother (always the cynic), watching our behaviour with interest, mildly said, “Why don’t you just switch it off?”

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