Small steps can bring big results!

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Small steps can bring big results! I do believe this, and I’ve found it to be true many times in my life.

At the beginning of any year, many people set big, often life-changing goals for themselves, such as starting a new business or doing a triathlon. No doubt those are exciting goals that promise a certain excitement in both setting and accomplishing them.

Others choose smaller endeavours, either because they don’t want to intimidate themselves, or they feel these goals are achievable because the bar has been set low.

While there isn’t a once-size-fits-all to resolutions, have you noticed how the grander the goal, the harder it is to achieve, and the greater the risk of disappointment?

Aiming for lofty triumphs can sometimes outshine the act of modest goal setting and achievement. That’s too bad, because often, a small step on a good path can lead to big, positive results.

An example: Last year I vowed that I would learn to knit. My goal: to knit some socks within the year. “Simple!”, one might exclaim. However, a year later, embarrassingly, I have not yet knitted a sock. Honestly, I did try! For about 2 days. Why? Too distracted by other goals, by pandemic restrictions, by wedding planning, and all kinds of excuses people make when they’ve reached too high and can’t achieve what they set out to do.

Consequently, I was utterly flummoxed when my well-meaning sister-in-law bestowed upon me at Christmas, several balls of yarn “in support of my newfound hobby”. “What knitting hobby?!”, I shrieked, upon setting eyes on that yarn, which by now was eyeing me accusingly from its wrappers.

Not one to quit, I made a re-resolution. This time to approach this awe-inspiring feat in small chunks. Buy proper needles, take a few lessons, practice, and don’t give up. Most importantly, my “re-goal” is to produce a very narrow, very small, rectangular scarf, the kind perhaps a doll would wear and look glamorous in. That’s my reach this time. Next year, if this results in success, I’ll go for the socks. This is what I will announce to anyone listening. Brilliant strategy, right?

You see, if one ends up exceeding one’s own expectations (and perchance, a striped knitted toque is magically produced), hurray! After all, there is also a thrill in over-achieving!

So, those planning to lose weight in 2022, you could aim high by going on a strict diet or working out at the gym six days a week. But consider this: if you aimed simply to take a 30-minute walk each day, you could burn many calories and reduce lots of pounds over the year. There’s a higher chance you’d find this more acceptable than the diet/gym approach, making you less likely to give up. That’s the best part!

Small chunk goals help you towards your next step, towards your ultimate goal. Though your results may be modest, they may be contributing towards bigger outcomes.

So, this January, when you’re deciding what you want to achieve, think about setting a few modest, small goals. They might help you get the big results you’re after!

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