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Is it a weed? Is it a flower?

My husband and I have been indulging in some horticultural banter lately. Neither of us is a gardening expert, but we try. One of us very reluctantly. It’s one way of learning a new thing, in our relentless pursuit of a mind (and body) that stays spry, nimble and active.

There is an expression from Saint Francis de Sales, used in coaching: “Bloom where you are planted”. It means - make the most of opportunities you are given and be grateful for wherever you are in life.

A simple yet powerful message.

There are miracles and magic happening in my backyard. Flowers are blooming where I never expected them to, considering that it was me who planted the bulbs months ago (and you know by now that I’m no gardener!). Little critters are scurrying about, having been released from their cold slumber, foraging for mysterious delicacies among the daffodils. Birds of various varieties sing and twitter in a cacophony of chirpy noises at dawn, crescendoing to a wild, tuneless yet beautiful chorus by morning.

I don’t know much about birds (other than that they have feathers and lay eggs), but I’ve found that they’re similar to humans in how they feed, nurture and protect their babies. Watching them move about their little nests makes me wonder how such a small space still has plenty of room. Unlike us humans who live in large places and never seem to have enough space. Our large kitchen sometimes feels like Times Square on New Year’s Eve with only my kids present. Admittedly, there are 4 of those, husband included.

While inspecting each green thing sprouting from the ground, there ensued a debate on which were weeds and which ones had to stay. My eternally droll husband had a solution: if it’s green and looks pretty, leave it. Too unqualified to argue, I relented. The result? Someone (a bird?) had dropped a seedling in a corner of the garden. The resulting plant bravely moved beyond boundaries, and this corner now has thick growth that we affectionately call “ground cover”. One expects to find small jungle animals suddenly emerge, reminiscent of lions in the tall grass of the Serengeti. It is pretty, though, and it complements the real flowers and shrubs.

Back to the expression about blooming. If a plant decides to grow where it wasn’t supposed to, but it’s adding to the miracle of plant life, then why bother it? It’s blooming, it’s happy, and it’s definitely making the most of the opportunities given to it, thirstily receiving water, sunshine and a degree of curious inspection every day.

The challenge is, now that there are pretty things growing in unexpected places, I may soon not be able to navigate the patio stones or steps to get into the house, but at least the vegetation is thriving!

The lesson for me is to live life each day to the fullest, making the best of wherever I am, in whatever situation I find myself. Cultivating the right mentality. Looking for opportunity where I can. Taking risks and working hard. Most of all, being a positive force from one day to the next. Giving people something to smile about.

Blooming where I’m planted. Just like my weeds.

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