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Creativity is blossoming and it’s amazing! Things that seemed SO difficult are now easy to do. Necessity is the mother of invention… we are finding solutions because we have to. There is no choice. We’re discovering new, unusual ways to communicate using technology — celebrating milestones, entertaining each other through music, playing online games, eating together virtually, etc. Some things that communities are doing now were unheard of, pre-pandemic. Take for example the 90-car parade that is seen so frequently nowadays, with teachers saluting students (or vice versa), or the banging of pots and pans to thank frontline workers. I wonder why we never did these before…

Has anyone noticed recent TV ads? Practically all are related to the pandemic. Almost immediately, brilliant copywriters switched from regular ads to capitalizing on the pandemic to create relevant, soul-touching pieces to pique our interest. In fact, lately TV ads have taken on a new twist, even poking fun at the situation. Where two months ago some witticisms would have been taboo, they are now humorous as people get used to the reality we live in and can joke about.

Finding unique solutions to accomplish things is good for the brain. We are challenged to think outside the box. Already, we’ve had to discard normal routines and replace them with an ever-changing set of behaviours. This is great practice for us to be flexible and creative when the world re-opens. More and more, we are pivoting!

Does anyone spend a few minutes each night before falling asleep, imagining? How often have we thought: If only I had money, I’d buy a house. Or, if only I knew someone in that company, I’d have asked them for a job. Or, if I had more time, I’d have finished that project. All those things would have been possible had we made them a priority.

Tapping into our dreams and imaginings is the beginning of creativity. That’s where we can find our inner entrepreneur, inventor, artist, chef. Alas, while we all have the ability to be creative and clever, few of us actually pursue what sometimes seem like frivolous fantasies. So our talents and ingenuity lie dormant, never to be explored.

Don’t ignore your dreams and ideas! Take charge of them, follow your gut, and make things happen! Those are your natural impulses, and most of the time they are good.

Be creative. Imagine and re-imagine. Think differently. Plan. Make this situation work for you. That’s what a go-getter does!

Above, I listed some creative and fun things communities have been doing to stay sane and to appreciate others. Good things driven by good intentions. Can we commit to doing them indefinitely? There will always be heroes who work to serve us. Let’s continue being creative in how we thank them and appreciate each other just for being.

Please send me your comments! Are you seeking new paths? Have good ideas but are risk-averse? Reach out to me at bernadette@gogettercoaching.com .

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