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Young kids are quick to announce what they are going to be “when they grow up”. This may be put down to the fact that they’re young and naive.

Yet, why should anything, including time, stop us from being a better version of ourselves?

Many of us think that the person we are today is the person we’ll always be. We insist on descriptions like “I’m shy,” or “I’m better at one-on-ones than crowds.” That type of thinking limits growth. The reality is that we can and do change. 

To attain our fullest potential, we shouldn’t tie ourselves down to who we are at the moment. By purposefully focusing on who we want to be, we can explore the realms of possibility and develop, re-invent, re-brand, re-think ourselves, should we desire.

To do this, we must start by acknowledging our current selves - where we’ve come from, how we’ve grown, and how we’ve changed. Recognizing the highs and lows.

Then imagine the you of the future. Maybe you want to build confidence, or excel at doing presentations, or feel comfortable in a crowd, or be a leader in your workplace. Whatever your vision is, keep it front and centre. Let your actions always align with it - studies show that your actions today are shaped by your future vision for yourself.

It’s like conducting a gap analysis: current state, desired state, close the gaps. If we’re go-getters, when we reach the desired state, it will be time to reflect again: current state, desired state, close gaps. Constantly learning, continuously growing! Some will eventually reach a contented state, and that’s fine. Others may seek further growth.

Be comfortable with change and with not knowing the exact details or result. Embrace learning, be okay with making mistakes and the notion of “failure”. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, so it’s okay to make mistakes – just don’t repeat them.

Think back to your 8-year-old self. What visions did you have for yourself? Do you recall having any insecurities then? Probably not, because in the eyes of a child, the world is a vast place for exploring, for achieving anything. At that age there is not necessarily a measure of scope or difficulty – it’s just ….. there.

So don’t be satisfied with the current you. There may be a new, exciting you to discover!

One way of holding yourself accountable is by telling selected confidants who you want to be. An intimidating approach, but it will motivate you to pursue and succeed.

Oh, to be innocent, optimistic and full of wonder at the endless possibilities ahead! With the world heading in weird directions, maybe it’s time to be just that!

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