Heal the world with love

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Money makes the world go round….. words made famous by the show Cabaret.

Much of humanity believes this to be true. It’s displayed everywhere – in the way we toil at work, invest in all kinds of properties though our children don’t care to inherit them, or look for 10 cents of savings on a bottle of water even as we’re parched from thirst. The way we grab anything free, from hotel rooms, trade shows or elsewhere, as if we can’t afford to buy those things. And the way we bargain with people who probably need the money to survive. We are mere mortals, attracted to material things.

I’ve heard wealthy people say smugly, “I’ll work until I can’t work anymore”. Sure, everyone needs money to live and to plan for their future. No-one wants to just make ends meet. But do we really need so much that we let life go by without experiencing it? By “experiencing life” I don’t mean partying, eating, splurging, and such. I mean sharing our skills, talent and money, generously, with those who need it. Doing nice things for people just because. Caring uncomplainingly for those who need care. Giving love. Not expecting anything back. Surely things like these bring special meaning to life.

I sometimes pinch myself, wondering, “Am I really here? What’s the earth about – is it really a thing? What is life? Why are we all here?” And I’m reminded, each time – life is a precious gift, meant to be shared with each other, during our journey that’s getting ever shorter each day.

The harm inflicted on our beautiful planet and on humanity is caused by insatiable hunger for power, fueled by greed. If we removed those from the equation, what’s left would be love and compassion, leading to peace, a cleaner planet, stable climates, and friendship among all nations. We would be what we should be - global citizens who are responsible, accountable, caring, and who take their role as stewards of the earth and its people seriously.

In our hearts we know that it’s LOVE that makes the world go round. Why then do we yearn for worldly things that cannot go with us when we leave? Why not instead invest our money, time, energy and this gift called life, doing good for others and being at peace? With our collective love shown to each other, whether we know people or not, we can change things. Putting love and compassion before power and greed.

In Michael Jackson’s words, we could “Heal the world, make it a better place, for you and for me and the entire human race”.

I wish you love, peace and the joys of the season. As the year ends, let’s be grateful for what we have, and share it, with love, with those around us, especially the needy.

Because it’s not money, but LOVE, that makes the world go round.

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