Discovering a passion

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In which areas of your life would you like to spend more quality time for yourself? What hobbies would you like to pursue? How do you choose?

This article is about how to discover your passion, and how mine shaped my life. I hope you’ll be motivated to discover your passion, whatever stage of life you’re at.

Last year, a friend approaching retirement mused, “I want to retire, but don’t know what I’d do if I didn’t work. I don’t have any hobbies or passions.” We spent a few minutes brainstorming ideas. She soon brightened up, armed with a few possibilities to contemplate. Things she knew would fill her time in retirement, enough to keep her busy and feeling fulfilled, while having fun. She loves driving and singing. Today she drives a school bus, singing to her riders and getting them to sing along.

What’s the trick? We often hear this: “Think Like a Child.” Research shows that people have their biggest dreams in childhood, when they have no other cares. When they spend their time on things they love. And then, pow! Life happens and those dreams get shelved.

A way to re-discover a passion is to think back to what you loved most when you were 8, Ask yourself:

  • What would I do if I had lots of money?
  • What do I never get bored with?
  • What do I love to talk about?
  • What de-stresses me?
  • What gives me joy?

Were there things you enjoyed as a child? What did you want to do when you grew up? What dreams did you have? Chances are you still love those things, and you can “un-shelve” those long-ago dreams.

You can use those memories to help you find your passion. Giving your childhood hobbies a grown-up twist could ignite a new interest. So step back in your life and re-discover your passion – it could be the ticket to your future!

My childhood passion has led me through life and made me what I am today. It will no doubt lead me to my future endeavours.

My favourite moments are when I have nothing else on my mind than the book I’m absorbed in.

When I enter a library or a bookstore, what strikes me is that there are so many books waiting to be read, so much to learn, many places to visit. The journeys you can make with a library card are endless, and they cost nothing.

Whenever gifted with free time, I’m with a book. Many interests I engage in involve having read some book that influenced my action. Travel, history, cooking, learning a new thing, joining a discussion group, deciding on a career or hobby. My love for reading has led me to public speaking and writing – areas I hope to enjoy well into my sunset years, since they give me enormous joy and satisfaction. Like most women, I tend to constantly nurture and care for others. But reading is something I do for myself, and I’m the richer for that.

When people ask, “What’s your favourite fantasy?” Mine is to be locked up in a bookstore or library with enough food and drink to last me a month. Booklovers will relate!

Discovering a passion is a wonderful, energizing feeling – you feel you have the world in front of you, ready to discover. All over again.

Good luck with discovering yours. Email: if you need support. Please send comments!

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