The changing normal: Better times are a-coming!

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There was life pre-COVID (PC), now there’s life during COVID (DC), and one day there will be life after COVID (AC).

PC is now a thing of the past, never to be fully experienced again. Still, what wonderful memories we all have of those times! DC is difficult, confusing and often disheartening, yet charming at times, but leaving us with a deep sense of yearning for AC to begin.

But what will AC look like? Different? Difficult? Confusing? Disheartening? Certainly! Wonderful? SURE!!! if we maintain a positive attitude and meet AC with eyes wide open, having learned valuable lessons from PC and DC, that will prepare and position us for success, good health and happiness. We’ve got to be prepared for anything — it’s in our hands to shape our future.

DC, my family has virtual game night every second day. We’re a “quiz” family, so our games centre around general knowledge quizzes on any topic known to man. Fierce competition ensues, each trying to outdo the other. PC, we watched Jeopardy together and sometimes played our own games. Now, however, this has become our routine, with creativity blossoming and new ideas introduced regularly. Everyone feels it’s much more fun this way and we likely won’t go back to the mundane routine we had PC. As they say… The new way is the better way! And no doubt it will keep changing AC as we adjust to new things…

Doors are opening, traffic is building up, the voices of children are heard, there are longer line-ups everywhere. Things are beginning to look up!! Some say that things will soon get back to normal. Others say there will be a new normal.

I think AC things will come to a “changing normal” — they will never be “the same” again. The world will keep evolving, shifting, improving. New challenges will come, maybe new strains of this or other viruses. Situations we can’t even dream of at the moment. Regardless, there will be enormous opportunities to improve ourselves or the world around us. So we have to take charge of ourselves, our relationships, our careers, our lives, our destiny by making good choices and being good human beings who care for the greater good, not just ourselves.

The changing normal. Maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Maybe it will force us to be nimble, agile and all those buzzwords in the corporate world that cause us to be adept at adapting and turning on a dime.

Think beyond your comfortable boundaries. Form a picture of the world that is radically different from the one you knew. A world that will keep changing relentlessly and much quicker than it did before. Don’t just acknowledge that things will be different but actually visualize what that will look like — in all the aspects that could possibly have an impact on you and those you love.

Change is good. Being able to anticipate and manage it is even better. How ready are you to change?

Stay safe, everyone!

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