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My whole life, I’ve been a go-getter, a hustler, a multi-tasker (in Mindfulness, this is taboo). I “get on with it” and go the extra mile, even when there isn’t a mile left to go – akin to Superwoman. Many moms will agree that this moniker fits them well.

I’ve been somewhat bummed lately because I’m not Superwoman. I’m overflowing with ideas, but can’t find the time to get to them all. The fact that there are only 24 hours in a day makes me cringe. Whoever thought that 24 hours was enough time in a woman’s day was not a woman, clearly.

I moseyed over to my husband, who’s perfectly happy with 24 hours, of which 20 are filled with ambling about serenely with his tech work, his guitars and his tool kits. Yes, he even dreams them. “Let’s go for a walk, I need to let off steam”, I mumbled. Eyeing the look on my face, he didn’t fuss. Off we went, me using a good walking pace, he using strides reminiscent of a giraffe (mind you, he’s not tall, but somehow his strides are long and his pace quick). Addressing the back of his head, a good 3 yards ahead of me, I described the inadequacy of 24 hours because of all the things I had to do. He turned to me, incredulous - his facial expression adopting the distinct look of a baby tasting solid food for the first time.

“Try doing less”, he chirruped, simply but unhelpfully, resuming his gallop with the nimbleness of a Lipizzaner stallion. “Not useful,” I retorted. And in a flash of brilliance, added, “You could never be a woman!”. 

You see, I take on a lot because I love filling my time with useful busyness. I meet my deadlines, but I always like to do more. But more is never enough because there has to be more. I don’t know how to do nothing. Women will understand.

I decided to take my husband’s advice to start saying “no”. Then my phone rang. It was a lovely young woman asking me for advice on developing a career path to pursue her dreams. She’d heard about me and needed my help. Guess what. I said yes.

I’ve since removed some time-consuming, non-gratifying “stuff” from my schedule, which lets me focus on more satisfying things. Still, my days are always packed.

I love what I do. I feel joy in helping people grow. And I’m brimming with creativity enough to fill a whole day. 

Fine, I’m not Superwoman, but I am definitely A super woman, like so many women who share this planet with me.

If you’re a go-getter too, 24 hours in a day are probably too little. If you use the time wisely and say “no” when possible, you’ll be able to do the things you love.

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