A time to reflect

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What a year this month has been!

Decency prevails. America is back. What its citizens view as “the greatest country in the world” is clearly not the world’s view, it never has been. But “great” is relative. To some, “great” means power, bullying and the ability to deceive others for personal gain, while to others it means goodness, decency and living these values for the greater good of all. Never should the world allow one person to obliterate any sense of rationality in otherwise smart people, to cause blind, cult-like worship that incites hatred and shatters inclusiveness and respect for fellow human beings. All for personal gain at the expense of the masses. It happened before — let’s not forget.

It’s a time of reflection. On right and wrong, on the tenets of most religions — love for God and for people. Reflection especially as we approach year-end and various observances for many religions.

Inspecting my backyard this morning, I noted the fallen leaves and wilted plants, and I couldn’t help but reflect on the seasons, on re-energizing, hope and renewal…..

What happens to perennials as they shut down for winter? Do they have a mission for the coming year? Is there transfer of the baton from the old to the new? Probably, since the new plants come in stronger and more vibrant, given a chance and some TLC.

As I contemplated, this popped up: What is my mission during the winter months?

In fact, I ask myself a question each morning, hoping I’ll hear a response over the megaphone in my mind: “What’s my mission today?” Sounds simple, but it’s a difficult question for me because I tend to grab an answer without much thought. Being a strategist, I prefer to think WAY ahead rather than limit myself to a day. Nonetheless, I do this daily, ensuring there’s always a viable answer. If only to give myself a sense of purpose when I wake up, and accomplishment by bedtime.

So here I was, contemplating the next five months. Much more my cup of tea!

Now, I’m no gardener. I always said I could reduce even silk plants to a withering mess. I hadn’t the slightest interest in “wasting my time” fiddling with plants or getting my hands dirty, swatting at bees and fleeing at the first sight of an earthworm, feigning allergies to the sun, soil, critters and everything between. Alas, my wildly ambitious, gardening-loving mom bestowed a challenge on me. Not one to give up before trying, I took it on. I’m voraciously reading up and learning, with aspirations of piling my mom’s plate with choice eatables in 2021. Those who know me know how ridiculous this quest is….and yet…

I’m hopeful. I’ve found that you just don’t know about stuff until you get your hands dirty — metaphorically and literally, in this case. Thus begins my relentless pursuit of … a future as a hobbyist gardener.

As I reflect, I’m energized! Filled with hope at my own sense of renewal — from a destroyer of silk plants to — just possibly — a producer of a lone cucumber and three tomatoes in 2021. Or dozens. Remind me to report back next summer!

And there we have it! My mission is sealed.

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